Three commits

1. Reduction

​Air and ocean freight prices vary greatly depending on the balance between supply and demand. What we found in the beta version is that there is a difference of nearly 30% depending on shipping time and forwarders. e-Bid Freight can be used to bid effectively, which will surely reduce logistics costs.

2. Best matching

We consider the "best carrier" to be fast, have a lot of knowledge and experience in handling freight, can support on a global scale, and transport freight safely and promptly at competitive rates. All shippers can find the best forwarder/carrier at e-Bid Freight.

3. Accuracy

e-Bid Freight can start a project in two different ways: spot bidding and regular bidding. The project consists of Request for Information "RFI" and Request for Quotation "RFQ", which allows you to efficiently compare and award. We promise the accuracy you never had before.

How to proceed a project

Client - Shipper

Bidder - Forwarder, Carrier


Invite bidders

Start a project

RFI RFQ comparison





Submit a RFI RFQ

Award notice



RFI | Request for Information: Information collection. Enter what the client wants to confirm with the bidder, such as payment and transaction terms. In response, each bidder enters an answer.


RFQ | Request for Quotation: Cost quotation. Client enter the shipment information such as volume and frequency by using the dedicated spreadsheet. Each bidder reviews these information and inputs the fees and service details.

Seven features


This function is useful for estimating spot cargoes. With a simple and easy-to-use system, you can efficiently obtain, compare, and award a quote.

regular contract.png

The best function for an annual tendering. One project can support up to 1000 lanes. Tools such as grouping and batch selection of lowest prices are substantial.



Clients and bidders can exchange messages for each project. In spot bidding, you can proceed with shipping arrangements using the message function.


e-Bid Freight has a multi currency function. In addition to the rate of the European Central Bank, the conversion rate that can be set by the user is available.



We support Japanese, English and Chinese. It will be displayed based on the user's browser settings. Large projects can be handled by a global team.

my bidder.png

In addition to general bidders registered in the system, shippers can invite forwarders and shipping companies with whom they normally have business relationships to the system.


The account administrator can add members to the group. You can select administrator, editor, and viewer attributes. Your team can work efficiently on the project.