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e-Bid Freight is a platform service that matches shippers and forwarders through bidding for international logistics. This is a simple but powerful cloud-based system with beautiful and user friendly design. Using e-Bid Freight enables us to select forwarders accurately and efficiently by automating bidding. It is a service designed specifically for international logistics and does not require special training. Even new employees will quickly be able to respond immediately. We promise unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Platform service that matches shippers and forwarders through bidding for international logistics



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Carriers | Warehouses | Terminals

Carriers | Warehouses | Terminals

We provide two different project types.

Spot Contract

This service is useful for obtaining quotes for spot shipments, such as exporting by air from Tokyo to Chicago, importing by FCL from Shanghai to Kobe. It is useful when you start a new business or when you want forwarders to review.

Regular Contract

This service is convenient for shippers who are engaged in international trade on a daily basis. It also supports large-scale exports, imports, and third party trade tenders that exceed 100 lanes worldwide. Up to 3000 lanes can be supported.

Data Management

Isn't there a quote from the forwarder that is kept only by the person in charge? With e-Bid Freight, the forwarder selection process can be made transparent, and past estimates can be managed simply on the system. You can also search for past bids.


In a market where logistics costs are violently increasing and lowering, it is also a corporate governance risk to have only logistics personnel manage costs. Is it possible that your logistics costs are significantly higher than the market price? By using e-Bid Freight, it is possible to judge whether the price is reasonable or not even if you are not a logistics person.


The figure on the left is a fare index called the Baltic Shipping Index. During just two years, fares have risen and fallen by 300%. It fluctuates drastically due to external factors such as supply and demand balance and fuel costs. If you haven't reviewed your fare for half a year, try the e-Bid Freight now.

Floating Freight


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無料で物流費用の一括見積 イービッドフレイト

Electronics Company

Bidding for about 500 lanes is conducted mainly by Air and FCL. Because there are many door-to-door lanes, about 20 companies, mainly forwarders, are invited to bid. Compare prices and services, and win 1-2 companies per lane.

Chemical Company

Bidding approximately 10,000 containers is held once a year, mainly FCL. About 30 bidders, mainly shipping companies, are invited. Due to the large quantity, multiple rounds will be bid and 3 companies will be awarded per lane.


Participating in shipper's Excel-based bidding. We use e-Bid to get charges from more than 20 shipping companies. The best price and service obtained with e-Bid will be sent to the shipper's Excel and submitted.


What's New e-Bid Freight

November 17. 2020

Our service was published in the daily newspaper "The Japan Maritime Daily", which covers transportation and logistics in general. Our service was introduced as a platform service which achieve the significant reduce of work loads.


September 26, 2019
Our service was published in Daily Cargo, a general logistics magazine. It is introduced as a service that automates the complicated tasks of international logistics tenders that require advanced comparative analysis.